Dear Members of the Asian Organization for Crohn’s & Colitis,

I am humbled and honored to assume the role of President of AOCC and deliver warm greetings on behalf of AOCC.

I am deeply grateful to all the past presidents and all current and past members of AOCC for their collective endeavors and outstanding contributions in promoting the growth of AOCC. I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling the mission of AOCC.

I believe that one key goal of AOCC should be focused on integrating both basic and clinical scientific researches in order to develop IBD-targeted translational medicine. Towards this aim, we encourage the discovery of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools through interdisciplinary collaborations and active networking approaches in Asia.

Also, I believe that Asian IBD research is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, hallmarked by the increasing incidence of IBD, the development of multiple research tools, and our continuous pursuit for improved clinical outcomes. We have entered a new era that we are obliged to constantly open up research horizons for innovation and improvement. With the joint effort from all members, I hope we can seize this unique opportunity to make a difference in the IBD research field globally.

The upcoming 9th Annual Meeting of AOCC will be held in Guangzhou, China. With the theme “Breaking the Boundaries of Asian Inflammatory Bowel Diseases”, we aim at exhibiting cutting-edge progress on the basic, translational and clinical research in IBD in and beyond Asia. This meeting will gather global IBD experts and specialists to share the latest research advancement and challenges, and more importantly, seek opportunities for research breakthroughs towards better management strategies for IBD diagnosis and treatment.

Once again, I would like to thank all members for your continued participation and enthusiasm in our professional society. I am looking forward to moving ahead with you and the AOCC.


 Minhu Chen
 Professor of Medicine
 The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University,