Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I’m Joo Sung Kim from Seoul National University, Korea, and I’m greatly honored to be an AOCC President who leads Governing board, Advisory board and Operational board in AOCC. First of all, I appreciate former AOCC presidents from the bottom of my heart. They created AOCC, developed AOCC, and expanded AOCC to the world IBD society.

In my first request as president, I’d like to ask you to join actively in our precious AOCC and put forth a bright future together. We will be truthful and trusted colleagues with a strong faith for the conquest of IBD. AOCC will move forward beyond our borders of Asia, and collaborate with IBD societies in Europe and North America. Now we have to step up, we should make fruitful products in the name of AOCC. I sincerely call for your enthusiastic participation in AOCC projects in the near future.

Let me introduce AOCC 2023 to be held in Busan, Korea from April 13 to 15, 2023. AOCC 2023 is expecting the most wonderful opportunity for us to get up to date on the cutting-edge developments in IBD. In-depth discussion with internationally renowned speakers on a diverse range of IBD research and practice will provide ground-breaking communication and collaboration with surgeons and pediatricians. Therefore, we will create the new vision in the prevention and treatment of IBD. AOCC 2023 will be the perfect opportunity for us to build the future of IBD research and strengthen our commitment together. We are sure that this will be a beneficial and unforgettable experience for all participants on the spot attending from around the world. 2023 will be a re-starting point for the AOCC to celebrate the re-opening of IBD conference in person and become an academic meeting that will spread from Asia to the world. We look forward to seeing you AOCC 2023 in Busan, Korea.

I wish you and your family are in the best of health and happiness
Thank you.

Joo Sung Kim
Seoul National University College of Medicine