It is my great honor to be appointed as the new president of the AOCC in 2018.

The number of patients with IBD is increasing in Asian countries and is no longer a rare disease. In such situation, AOCC has contributed to the development and progress of basic and clinical research of IBD in this region and finally brought improvement of the quality of life for patients with IBD. In addition, I believe that notable achievement of AOCC is to have established an intimate relationship with CCFA and ECCO. Based on this relationship, clinicians and researchers of IBD field in Asian countries have been able to have so many opportunities to discuss with those in Western countries on the same playing field. AOCC continues to provide a chance to exchange the cutting-edge achievements between these great international organizations. So, I hope participation and cooperation of a number of Asian clinicians and researchers for further success of AOCC.

The treatment of IBD is going to change drastically with the development of various new drugs. Likewise, the molecular targets and technical tools of IBD research are also changing dramatically. However, it is expected that Asian people's IBD and Westerners' IBD will be different from each other due to genetic background and so on. AOCC aim to make clear characteristic features of IBD patients in Asian countries and to construct the best treatment strategy through constant efforts on clinical and basic research in the future.

In 2019, the 7th annual meeting of AOCC will be held in Taipei Taiwan. One of my major missions is to support 7th AOCC meeting in Taiwan and to achieve a great success. For this, I will put great effort on construction of close relationship with organizing committee and will discuss on academic topics which encourage the meeting. I need and appreciate a cooperation of all of members of AOCC on 7th meeting of AOCC. As a president, I am willing to strive to contribute more to the global development of AOCC. Finally, I would like to express my great thanks the AOCC Governing Board for giving me this special opportunity and I am proud of it.



Akira Andoh, MD, PhD, AGAF
President of AOCC
Department of Medicine, Shiga University of Medical Science Otsu, JAPAN