Personal Information Protection (Privacy Policy)

Asian Organization for Crohn’s & Colitis/AOCC ("AOCC") establishes its privacy policy as blew.
In the following clauses, the term "personal information" refers to information that AOCC receives via the web-site created by AOCC on the Internet ("Web-site"), e-mail, conventional mail, fax and other means and that enables to identify an individual.

1. Management of personal information

2. Objectives and range of personal information collection

3. Ban on disclosure or supply to a third party

  1. Such disclosure or supply is required by law.
  2. Such disclosure or supply is approved by the member(s) concerned.
  3. Such disclosure or supply is necessary for AOCC to commission a service required for its     
    operation to an external service provider, with whom a confidentiality agreement will be signed and to whom personal information will be provided within the strictly necessary range.
  4. Such disclosure or supply is necessary for legitimate reasons in the execution of an activity plan approved by the Board of Directors or any of the committees.
  5. Statistical data based on personal information and not enabling individual identification may be provided to a third party.

4. Legal and regulatory observance and review

5. Consultation, correction and deletion of personal information

6. Person in charge of the management of personal information

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